GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?  Time to sign up for our Women’s Retreat!

The women will spend a weekend at Ridgecrest Conference Center on March 17-19th. This beautiful spot is less than two hours away! Come for a weekend of worship and rest in the Holy God. Reserve your spot now! See this registration form for more details.






We will continue with the “Attributes of God” study that began in Sunday School and it will run throughout the year (culminating at the Spring Retreat).  Tuesdays will be here at the church and Thursdays will be online, hosted by Laura Lothers and Nicole Fox.  Both studies begin at 7PM.  It is profoundly encouraging and beneficial to process and meditate on the truths of who God is with other women.  You are encouraged to attend whenever you can, even if you cannot make every week!

If you are looking for a daytime study, Janie Lesh leads a study here on Tuesday mornings at 10AM.  Speak with her or just show up on Tuesdays.


-Bible Study (beginning in Sept)

Romans with RC Sproul (facilitated by Janie Lesh) on Tuesday mornings 10-noon beginning on September 6th in the sanctuary. There are 8 lessons left after a 2 year study

Attributes of God on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 (in person at church)

Attributes of God Thursday evenings 7-8:30p (virtual option) Laura Lothers


Women in Ministry is dedicated to supporting the mission and vision of Church of the Redeemer through gathering, grounding and growing disciples, and then helping them to go into the community to exalt Christ in every area of their lives. We do this through our Women’s Bible Studies, fellowship gatherings, Prayer Team, encouraging mentoring through life on life relationships and outreach.

Women in Ministry is open to all women of Church of the Redeemer and beyond. We consider all women of Redeemer a part of Women in Ministry, whether you have only just found Church of the Redeemer or have been here for years, you are welcome to participate in any of our studies, gatherings, mentoring  opportunities or outreaches. And certainly, feel free to bring a friend or neighbor, too!

For further information, contact the church office at 704-225-0161 or

Also, check out our Facebook page at COR Women in Ministry.


Prayer Triads

 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

  It is the desire of Women in Ministry to encourage a deeper level of intimacy, sharing, confession, that is centered on trusting in the power of prayer. With such a focus, we cultivate a rich community within our church that serves to strengthen and build the body as a whole. One way we purpose to do this is through Prayer Triads.

What is a prayer triad?

 Prayer triads are groups of three-ish women (prayer duos and prayer squares are also allowed) who commit to meeting regularly to share deeply, pray, encourage and hold one another accountable.

How can I join a group?

 Most prayer triads are formed organically, with women that you already know within the church. However, if you are new to COR, or would like to meet other women that are seeking a triad, please contact Meghan Linn at

How often should our group meet?

 Triads should try to meet about every other week. We know life can get busy, but we would encourage you to try to meet more than once a month.

Where do triads meet?                                  

Each group sets their own meeting time and location.

What should we do when we meet?

Triads can determine their own rhythm for how they want to meet and pray for each other. It is likely that you will have to be intentional about allowing enough time to pray. We have found it helpful to allow 30 minutes for intentional discussion followed by 30 minutes of prayer, unless your timeframe allows more flexibility.

Questions will be posted on the Women’s Ministry website to help facilitate deep discussion. We will focus on different topics each month (such as forgiveness, humility, etc.) and encourage you to take advantage of these as we work through them together.

Main topics for prayer include

  • Your and your sisters’ spiritual growth,
  • How God is working in your life
  • Your home life (husband children, finances, schedules, etc.)
  • Friends and neighbors that do not know Christ.

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Women in Ministry



There are many opportunities to serve as part of our women’s ministry. Throughout the year, we participate in various outreach projects to serve our community, our missionaries, and others around the world through organizations like Monroe’s H.E.L.P Crisis Pregnancy Center and Operation Christmas Child. See more details on our Women in Ministry outreach page.

For service within the churchWomen in Ministry coordinates a prayer team to pray for the needs in the church. We also provide meals for families who just had a baby or who are going through trying times of grief or illness. We also oversee coffee for Sunday mornings and coordinate church-wide fellowship meals throughout the year.

If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways or have ideas for new areas of service, please contact the church office at 704-225-0161 or