What if the Resurrection Never Happened?

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What if the Resurrection Never Happened?

How important is the resurrection?

Have you asked yourself the question?


What if Christ’s body still lay in the grave?

Alas, face it friend, your life nothing could save.

No joy, no reason, no hope, no God,

The Christian life would be a worthless trod.


Or maybe he did not die, as in the swoon theory?

To believe that, the facts are ridiculously bleary.


The guards, the women, scholars, even unbelievers throughout history,

Have affirmed the truth of an empty tomb, to that fact no mystery.

Peter, Paul, Thomas, hundreds of others testified the Son has risen!

Far too many to fear that this event of history was misgiven.


Ones who had given up hope and counted their lives a waste,

Having now seen their Savior, all to share the truth made haste.

Onward, outward the Word of God has spread,

Amen, Amen, our Lord and Savior no longer dead!


Christ follower, your God is strong and able,

Your life and faith keep stable.

One day on the clouds he shall return,

For that day, church, we all do yearn.


He’s alive, He’s alive!




Pastor Darol Timberlake