Watch Yourselves!

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Watch Yourselves!

What are the two shortest books in the Bible?  

The answer is 2 John and 3 John.  The book of 2 John has the fewest verses in the Bible, and the book of 3 John has the fewest words in the Bible.  

Too often in life, when something is small, we might tend to overlook the “small” thing for the “big” thing.  Yet even though the books of 2 John and 3 John are small in length, they are still part of God’s inspired Word, and as such, we need to pay close attention to them.  

As we finish our series on the epistles of John, we will look today at 2 John and next week at 3 John.  

Today, as we study 2 John, see if you can answer these questions:   

  1. What are the similarities between 2 John and 1 John?  What three truths are repeated in 2 John that are also in 1 John?  
  2. In verse 8, John says to “Watch yourselves.”  What does he mean by this command? What is the original context of this command?  How would this apply to us today? 
  3. Based on verse 10, what are the limits of hospitality that John teaches?  Have you ever thought about this?


Pastor Adam Mumpower