This is Love

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This is Love

Have you ever considered the order of the 10 Commandments or how they were written?  When we do an examination of the commandments, we find that the first four commandments deal with God’s relationship to man and the last six deal with man’s relationship to other people.

Another way of looking at it is based on direction: The first four commandments being our vertical relationship with God; the last six being our horizontal relationships with others.

But the point is this: Ordering one’s relationship with God comes first.  Then, one’s relationship with others follows.

This same lesson appears in our text today as John describes the doctrine of Love.  John first teaches us our vertical relationship – that is, God’s love towards man.  Then, as soon as John finishes laying out God’s love to man, he teaches men how they should love others in the name of Christ.

Listen closely today to see if you can see this relationship.  Try to answer the questions…

  1. What are other areas in the Bible where Scripture teaches a vertical and horizontal relationship?
  1. How has God demonstrated his love towards me (vertically)?
  1. How should I demonstrate love towards others (horizontally)?
  1. Where does the Bible give a definition of love?



Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor