The Word of Life

Exalting Christ in community and mission

The Word of Life

Have you ever had some “good news” come along in your life and you couldn’t wait to share it?  Kids, maybe it was when you got an ‘A’ on a test; or teenagers, maybe it was when you got your license; or adults, perhaps when you got a new job?

Well, this was the situation the Apostle John found himself in in today’s text.  John had some “good news” about Jesus and eternal life, and he couldn’t wait to “testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life” found in Jesus (see 1 John 1:2).

What did this good news involve?

  1. First of all, Jesus is completely God (v. 1a). John starts this epistle the way he starts his gospel book, teaching us that Christ is from the beginning, having no start and no finish.  Jesus is truly the alpha and omega, the first and last.
  1. Secondly, Jesus is completely man (v. 1b-2a). Docetism was the belief that Jesus only “appeared to be human.”  But John saw him, touched him, and heard him.  Jesus was a real human being.
  1. Thirdly, John was ready to proclaim that the gospel brings eternal life (v. 2b). What great news!  The reason that Jesus was God and man was to bring eternal life to needy sinners!
  1. Fourthly, John teaches us that through Christ there are two true fellowships that can take place:
    1. Between a believer and another believer (our horizontal relationships)
    2. Between a believer and God (our vertical relationship)
  1. Finally, that your joy might be complete (v. 4). A connection here to Philippians, that joy is only found in knowing Jesus.

Questions to ponder: Do you know that Jesus is God and man?  Do you know that he brings eternal life to you so that you can have everlasting fellowship with God and others?  Do you have the joy that comes from knowing Christ?

Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor