The Sanctity of Human Life

Exalting Christ in community and mission

The Sanctity of Human Life

God is the Creator and the Sustainer of all things. And yet, God did not create all things alike. It is clear from Scripture that God created man and woman to be separate from and to rule over the animals. By the design of God, there is something different about humans. God has a special love for mankind because He created them in the image of God.

Today, our church honors Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This morning’s sermon will reflect on three questions by exploring the Word of God:

  1. Why human life is considered sacred
  2. When human life is considered sacred
  3. What our response to this information should be

The fact that human life is held in high esteem by God has more implications than can be tackled in one sermon. For this reason, during the sermon, and throughout the coming week, it will be helpful if we continue to ask ourselves, “How does the fact that all people are made in God’s image apply to my interactions and beliefs?” May God grow our church in a passion to love, to stand for, and to reach out with the Gospel towards all who bear His image, regardless of age, size, culture, or circumstance of life.


Mr. Eric Schievenin