The Righteousness of Christ

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The Righteousness of Christ

Assets and Liabilities…we all have them, don’t we?  Every time we get a paycheck, we count that as an asset – something that is of positive gain to us.  But every time we get a bill, that immediately becomes a liability- something that we owe.

Each month, most of us sit down and balance our checking accounts.  We look at things going in the account (assets) and look at things going out of the account (liabilities).  Lord willing, we have more coming in (assets) than going out (liabilities).

Many people look at salvation the same way.  In life, many people think they can earn a righteous standing before God by having more good works (“assets”) than bad works (“liabilities”).  In fact, this was the line of thought of the Judaizers in Philippians 3.

In Philippians 3:1-9, Paul took on this false teaching but assuming its validity only to show its absurdity.  Paul could do this because, more than any of his Jewish contemporaries, he had a better list of “works” than anyone else.  But even though he had a big list of assets, he recognized that all of these “assets” were actually “liabilities” when he compared them to Christ’s righteousness.  He learned his assets were actually rubbish, and he then counted everything as a loss so that he might gain Christ by grace through faith.

Are you making a list of “assets and liabilities” in your life?  Are you trying to earn salvation and eternal life by trying to do more good than bad?  If so, hear the truth taught in this text.  See how the assumed assets are actually liabilities.  Then, like Paul, cast them aside as rubbish that you may have Christ!  Be justified by grace through faith in the accomplished work of Christ!

Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor


Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash