Church of the Redeemer is filled with friendly and welcoming people who make you feel accepted and at home. We also have a specific ministry, LINK, which is dedicated to helping you get connected to the life and ministry of the church. One way we do this is through LINK Up!.  Our LINK class is offered several times a year.  Sometimes it is in the form of a FridaySaturday weekend session at the homes of our pastors, and sometimes its a nine-week class offered during the Sunday School hour.

Our LINK ministry is dedicated to helping you connect with the people and ministries of Church of the Redeemer.

LINK Up! is an interactive class that helps you meet new people and explore what it means to commit yourself to Christ and to Church of the Redeemer. With an emphasis on building community, this class investigates the meaning of the gospel and how it applies to life, mission, relationships, and the pursuit of God as a body of believers. You will also learn more about Church of the Redeemer, our ministries, and our programs.

Plug In takes place during LINK Up! You will have the opportunity to tell us which programs and ministries are of interest to you, and we will learn how we can better serve you and your family. We want to help you Plug In to Church of the Redeemer.

As part of the Next Step, we’ll help connect you with the ministries you are interested in so that you can take the next steps toward becoming fully involved in the life of Church of the Redeemer. Let us help you discover the joys of friendship, fellowship, service, worship, and unity with other believers in Christ.

For more information, contact the church office at 704-225-0161 or


L=Love        I=Integrate        N=Network        K=Koinonia*

The purpose of the LINK Team is to help develop a healthy church by bringing new people into a growing relationship with those who are already attending Church of the Redeemer. We use phone calls, welcome letters, e-mails, social gatherings, and our LINK Up! class to help newcomers plug in to our church ministries and culture. Our desire is to provide networking for individuals to be integrated into the life of the church through their gifts, talents, and interests.

If you would like to help others plug in to Church of the Redeemer, the LINK Team is your answer. To find out more about participating on the LINK Team, please contact the church office at 704-225-0161 or
* Koinonia: fellowship of believers (see Acts 2:42-47)