Learning to be Content

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Learning to be Content

I remember when I was in the 8th grade and I entered Mr. Price’s Algebra I class. Up to that point, I was very successful in math.  But little did I know what was in store for me…in fact, I found out when I received the lowest grade in my class on the first test – algebra is different, complex, and just hard for 8th graders!

At the time, I felt overwhelmed, but Mr. Price came alongside of me, and he taught me that learning algebra is a process that takes time.  Yes, it is different and complex, but if you work at it, you will engage in a process of learning that will ultimately bring you to the appropriate knowledge of math.

Mr. Price was correct – from that day forward, I dedicated myself to the process of learning math.  I daily studied and worked on my math.  In fact, I ended up majoring in math in college.  Now, it’s funny to look back…At that time, I had no clue about process of learning, but now, it is abundantly clear: a process of learning is exactly what I needed!

To a large extent, contentment is much like algebra – it’s just hard to do!  We are constantly challenged with the issues of life that bring us worry, doubt, and fear.  But today’s text challenges us to learn contentment.  I was encouraged to find that contentment didn’t come naturally to Paul.  In fact, in Phil 4:11-12, Paul states twice that he had to learn to be content.  But through his life, he learned from God to be satisfied with little and live independently of his circumstances.

How about you?  Are you content in all circumstances?  My answer is a definite, “No!”  But this just shows that God is still working on your pastor, continuing to teach me contentment.  Let’s join together to continue to learn contentment from our great God.

Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor