Lady Wisdom Vs. Lady Folly

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Lady Wisdom Vs. Lady Folly

Dinner Invitations!  We all love receiving a dinner invitation, especially when we are good friends of the host and are certain the meal will be delicious.  It’s enjoyable to sit down for a good meal with people we know and love.

But have you ever received two dinner invitations from two different hosts at the same time for the same night?  Well, that is the situation in Proverbs 9.

In Proverbs 9, two ladies – Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly – are inviting the same group of people to dinner.  As we walk through this passage, we will find that both ladies have many similarities, but we will also learn that these ladies have distinct differences.  As you engage with this text, see if you can answer these questions:


  1. Where does each lady give a speech?  
  2. What audience is each lady speaking to?
  3. What does each lady offer?
  4. Each lady also makes promises.    


  1. What is the difference in each lady’s work ethic?
  2. What is the difference in each lady’s food?
  3. How is each lady’s attitude and speech different?
  4. What are the contrasting results of each lady’s lifestyle?  

As we have learned, the voice of Wisdom is the Voice of God.  So as we look at the New Testament, answer these questions: :

  1. What is Christ building?
  2. How does Christ feed his church?
  3. What future dinner invitation does Christ invite his church to attend?   

Also, we will learn how to tell the difference between a wise man and a foolish man based on how each man reacts to rebuke.  

When you receive an invitation for dinner, what are you also asked to do?  Respond!  This invitation is no different.  How will you respond to the King of Kings’ dinner invitation to you?  


Pastor Adam Mumpower