Kissing Heaven’s Door and Walking Away

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Kissing Heaven’s Door and Walking Away

Have you ever wasted an opportunity?  I know I have. I can think of many examples, especially from my teenage years, of opportunities that I wasted.  From sports, to studies, to time management, I know I have wasted several opportunities throughout life.

But maybe the biggest opportunity that was ever wasted comes in the life of Judas.  Judas and the other 11 disciples had more opportunities to know Jesus and learn from Jesus than anyone else on earth; yet, Judas squandered all of his opportunities to know and love Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.  

But the warning for us that comes from the life of Judas is this: It is possible to be so close to Jesus, but in reality, your heart is so far from him.

If you have grown up in a faithful church, have Christian parents, or have had good, strong Biblical teaching, you also have had great opportunities to know Jesus.  What what have you done with these opportunities? As we’ll learn today, good opportunities don’t guarantee that you really know Jesus.

What did Judas ultimately do with his opportunities to know Jesus?  Tragically, Judas kissed heaven’s door, and turned and walked away.

In today’s sermon, look for the following outline concerning Judas:

Missed Opportunities

Motives that Mattered

Mistake for Eternity


Pastor Adam Mumpower