Godly Thinking

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Godly Thinking

Last week, the sermon title was,”Godly Living”.  In that
sermon, the Apostle Paul taught us where the “rubber meets
the road” in our application of the Christian life.  Specifically,
we learned that as the waves of disagreement, bad circumstances, and anxiety flood our lives, the Bible teaches us to stand firm in unity, joy, and prayer.

In today’s sermon, you will notice that the title is, “Godly
Thinking”.  Yes, the text today will focus largely on the mind,
and specifically, on that which we are to think.

Leviticus teaches us to “be holy, for the Lord your God is holy.”
And because God is God, He determines the things that are
holy, true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and excellent.  And indeed,
he teaches us to think about these types of things.  But where
are we to find the details about such things?  And how are we
to figure out what does and does not fall under these
categories?  The Word of God, of course!  The Bible has the

As Psalm 1 reminds us, the blessed man meditates on God’s law
day and night.  Do you see how God’s Word will train the
mind?  Psalm 19 teaches us that God’s law “is perfect, reviving
the soul…is sure, making wise the simple…is pure, enlightening
the eyes…is true, and righteous altogether.”  God’s Word
teaches us how to think and will inform us on what is and what
is not right to think about.

Yet, “Godly Thinking” is not an end in itself; rather, it is the
means to Godly action.  “Practice these things” says Philippians
4:9.  Our Godly thoughts must lead to Godly actions.

What are you putting in your mind?  Do your thoughts lead you
to Godly actions?

Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor