“Follow Me”

Exalting Christ in community and mission

“Follow Me”

Transitions are difficult!  But, change is an inevitable part of living.  C.S. Lewis notes in his Screwtape Letters that “to be in time means to be in change.”  Still, change is hard for most of us as it involves both a losing/leaving as well as a gaining/going.

At the end of John’s gospel, there is an account of a transition for the Apostle Peter.  A short time before Jesus is about to leave this world and return to His Father in the heavenly realm, he encounters Peter on a beach in Galilee.  Beside a charcoal fire over breakfast Peter and Jesus have a conversation that includes three simple questions from Jesus and three answers from Peter.  Jesus doesn’t leave until these deep matters are both addressed and resolved.

Both COR and our family are in a season of transition, and it is hard.  We came to Redeemer as a seminary family fourteen years ago and I began to teach D&L. I then served as a Pastoral Intern while Awara served as Co-Worship Leader and our daughters Kathryn and Amanda became involved with Youth Group and Missions.  Redeemer called our family to start a Hispanic Church plant which I pastored for nine years during which time we adopted our sons Benjamin and Cristian from Peru and started an Adoption Support ministry, pure1.27.  After the closing of Iglesia del Redentor I have been blessed to serve as your part-time Interim Pastor of Care.  Our family has been praying and seeking three years for a full-time ministry call and the Lord has answered.

So, we are leaving.  And, it is hard.  Jesus’ words to Peter are, “Follow Me.” He says the same to His flock today.  And we follow . . . 

 Rev. Ernesto Fernandez

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