First Sunday of Advent

Exalting Christ in community and mission

First Sunday of Advent

In February 2010, NPR reported that “Once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway responded: ‘For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.’”  That activity by Hemingway set off a wave of others who sought to summarize their lives, or to give the meaning of existence, or to pass along some nugget of truth in 6 word sentences.

Admittedly, some of the contributions are quite eloquent, and others quite profound.  In fact, entire books with 6 word titles arose that captured these sayings, such as

Not Quite What I Was Planning.

Alzheimer’s: meeting new people every day.

One tooth, one cavity; life’s cruel.

Thought I would have more impact.

What would you say for your 6 words of wisdom to pass along to someone about your life? To express hope to someone?   In our passage today, God Himself shouts to us the 6 word summary, giving hope, giving life, giving meaning : Jesus the Christ, Came to Save!

As Watson says, “He was born of a virgin that we might be born of God.  He took our flesh that He might give us His Spirit.  He lay in the manger that we might lie in paradise.”

Rev. Darol Timberlake, Assistant Pastor