Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Have you ever wished you could know all things about everything?  Or have you ever wished that you could be everywhere all the time?  I know that many of us that have several kids wish we could be at the basketball practice, soccer game, and track meet all at the same time (because they all seem to happen at the same time), but, of course, we know that is impossible.  

But with God, all of these things are not just possible, they’re actual.  

In Psalm 139, David teaches us that God is both omniscient (all-knowing) in vv. 1-6, and he is also omnipresent (all-present) in vv. 7-12.  

In vv. 1-6, David focuses on the omniscience of God.  That God knows our physical, verbal, and even mental lives.  David stands in wonder of this type of knowledge, and recognizes that he can never attain this.  

In vv. 7-12, David focuses on the omnipresence of God.  He teaches us that God’s presence has no boundaries – that you can never go too far east, west, north, or south to escape God’s presence.  Even darkness is no match for the presence of God.

But in vv. 13-18, God teaches us that his knowledge and presence are so intimate that they are with babies inside their mother’s womb.  In fact, God created and knit each child together in the womb of the mother. God has stamped each person with his image, and he has given each human life dignity and value.  And as God’s people, he has called us to fight for and protect the life he has given to each person. God teaches us to value the things that he values, and today, that thing is life.  


Pastor Adam Mumpower