Drink Water From Your Own Cistern

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Drink Water From Your Own Cistern

Several weeks ago when we defined what a proverb is, we said it is a short, pithy statement that was full of significant amount of God’s truth.  As we enter Proverbs 5 and talk about the importance of sexual purity in the marriage relationship, we find a significant truth in verse 15a, which says, “Drink water from your own cistern.”  

Sexual temptation is everywhere, and it has been for thousands of years.  Just because a person gets married doesn’t mean temptation goes away…in fact, Proverbs 5 is written to the married man who faces temptation from an adulteress.  

Temptation, as we know, comes in a shiny box and seems to have all the bells and whistles.  But when you open that box, the gift is not as advertised. As Proverbs will teach us today in Prov. 5:3-6, sweet turns to bitter, smooth turns to sharp, and life turns to death.  The question is, can you see what’s in the box before you open it? Can you see the end from the beginning? Wisdom teaches you to do this.

As we talk about sexual purity and marital faithfulness from Proverbs 5 today, the main points of the sermon are:

The Call (5:1-2)

The Contrasts (5:3-6)

The Consequences (5:7-17)

The Commitment (5:15-23)