Doc Solomon’s Vital Signs Check-Up

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Doc Solomon’s Vital Signs Check-Up

Only 50 words, and likely one of the most persuasive statements in the history of literature.  We’re not looking in Scripture for this particular message – of course, as I’d be in big trouble if I didn’t include everything in Scripture as more important than any other secular book!    No, not the Gettysburg Address.  But what is this book that has sold over 15 million copies since its inception in 1960?  It’s the first book that I learned to read as a child.  Could you, would you … in a tree…in a box, with a fox…you got it! Green Eggs and Ham.

The mystical and wisely sage, Cat in the Hat, finally persuades Sam (is his middle name I and last name Am?) to acquiesce and partake of the delectable green eggs and ham.  He is persuaded, and the world will never be the same. If we just badger someone enough, they’ll finally give in and at least try something so as to get the persistent persuader off their back.

Based on that intro, what will the topic be?  You got it – the challenging message on giving/stewardship.  We so often view it as the yearly trip to the doctor for a physical.  The doctor gives us enough data through our pulse, vital signs and eating habits that we feel badgered and befuddled enough that we’re willing to affirm anything he asks – yes, I’ll try it!

For the one who finds giving nearly impossible, or at best mostly unnecessary, may your heart be touched by the simple fact that you are not an owner of “your stuff”.  We’re not calling you to just “tip God” as if you are the one looking down to the servant.  The Lord has made you and indeed owns your very being, and thus your stuff.  Yet as is always the case in Scripture, the Lord desires faithful and cheerful givers, not because He wants to harass them to finally try it like Sam’s surrender, but rather because we see the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His all, and because of Him we sit upon an infinite mound of heavenly treasure and blessing.  For the one who is a faithful giver, may you be blessed as you consider the simple fact that there is blessing for you in being a faithful giver – the depth of your relationship with the Savior develops, the joy of pleasing your Heavenly Father proliferates, and the assurance of the working of the Holy Spirit in your life augments!

 Pastor Darol Timberlake