One of the hallmarks of Redeemer through the years has been the way that the Lord has blessed this church with a wonderful sense of community.  Hence, we seek to build upon that gift of community to reach onward and upward for one of our highest callings, the calling to make disciples.


Many discipleship models focus upon 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 models.  This certainly has some wonderful ideals. We seek to integrate that model into a broader model of disciples through investing in our people through various means, most of them oriented around small groups.


Sunday mornings start at 9:00 with our main teaching ministry, Sunday school classes.  From the youngest ages to the elderly, we have a variety of different classes seeking to take our congregation through various disciplines of Biblical, Theological, Practical and Historical classes, with am ambitious goal to take our members through the entire Bible every 5 years.   Biblically speaking, we are not seeking knowledge to puff up, but wisdom to point us towards a more fully-integrated Biblical and Christ-centered worldview.


Life Groups invest in families, emphasizing that community aspect we called out earlier.  It is a time for families to gather for discussion of various topics, such as the sermon or Sunday School class from the week, or else some other book that the group has chosen.  There is also an integration of praying and sharing that takes place on deeper levels as individuals and families get to know each other.


Men’s and Women’s groups provide another level of depth for the growing disciple.  They provide a means for sharing issues and challenges with both those who are in similar life situations, as well as those who are younger/older and with whom advice and counsel can be granted.  These groups can be focused on studies of the bible, books on practical theology like parenting and marriage, or even discussions of world events and seeking to understand those through a biblical worldview.


Youth and Children’s Ministries most assuredly are important from a discipleship standpoint as well, as we seek to partner with parents to provide them the tools and foundations that can be used to raised their children in the faith and admonition of the Lord.  These areas are so important that we have paid staff to effectively provide programs, retreats and regular meetings to raise up young disciples in the Lord.


In addition to teaching and training our disciples, we seek to provide service opportunities for our congregation to sharpen and utilize their gifts and talents for the benefit of others.  These opportunities are often manifested through Missions and Mercy partnerships that we have with organizations both local and abroad.

These, among others, help to give a sense of fully-orbed model for discipleship that we seek to implement at Redeemer.