Deeper, Not Faster

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Deeper, Not Faster

Ever since I was first introduced to “Around the World” math drills early in elementary school, I have made speed one of my primary goals in life.  The faster, the better; the more efficient, the more awesome.

Then, God in His infinite wisdom, grew a child within me who proceeded to progress through life at a very slow pace.  Everything came in a delayed fashion for her.  Learning, growing, understanding all was much more difficult, and therefore my pace was slowed as well.  Just getting out the door for an event now takes us/me way longer than I would have ever imagined.

God knew I needed to slow down.

Still, though, I apparently have more to learn about how to go even slower.

Our newest daughter has a lovely, charming disposition, a very lively personality, an iron-strong will… and two club feet.  She walks with straight legs, feet splayed outwards, and while she can actually move quite quickly when she wants to, most of the time her pace is quite slow.

Navigating through all of the offices, appointments, modes of transportation, and city streets here in China, Pete and I have consistently found ourselves outpacing her, even when we think we’re walking slowly already, and we stop, turn to her, and decrease our speed even more.

After the first 24 hours with her, I found myself in a bit of a “What have we done?” panic mode.  Life will look very differently for us from now on.  Was I ok with that?

God, again in His infinite providence, provided this quote for me that very night, in a novel I happened to be reading.  Henry Canby is credited as saying, “Live deeper, not faster.”  What resonance for my soul!

Could it be that God really does not care about speed?  Is faster really not always better?  Oh how this goes against all ingrained in me!  Isn’t getting more accomplished better than less??  Isn’t efficiency the hallmark of civilization?  No…. and no.

In my mind, Jesus could have gotten a lot more done in his 3 years of ministry if he had just moved faster. (Really, if He was all about efficiency, He could have stretched that ministry time to include many more years!)  He could have raced all over, maximized His presence by only accepting teaching engagements with 5000 or more gathered.  But instead we see Him walking from town to town, sitting in homes, stopping to talk to individuals along the way.  No, I don’t think my goal of efficiency exactly lined up with Jesus’ methodology.

So, as my pace begins to slow down even more, I will be looking for ways to live deeper, ways to engage with the people with me and the situations I find myself standing in or shuffling through.  I suspect I am about to observe all new things, to see in ways I never have before.  (Someone please remind me of this when you see me harried and frustrated, urging one or more of my children to please hurry up!)

I am thankful that God, in all His infinite mercy and grace, knew I needed this.

by: Mrs. Amy Frank, COR Member

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