Christ Our King

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Christ Our King

This Christmas Eve, we complete our Advent Series of Jesus fulfilling the offices and roles of Prophet, Shepherd, Priest, and King.  

One of the main texts we will use today comes from 2 Samuel 7.  This chapter contains God’s covenant with King David.  Our Lord promises David that there will be one from his family tree that is the eternal king…one who sits on the throne forever, whose kingdom never ends.  

Who would that king be?  Would it be David’s son, Solomon?  Even though Solomon reigned, he ultimately died and couldn’t continue to reign.  Would it be Solomon’s son, Rehoboam?  He also served as king, but he died as well and couldn’t continue to reign.  

It’s not until Luke 1:31-33 that we find the answer.  The Bible says that Jesus is the promised Son of David who would sit on the throne forever, whose kingdom would never end.  Yes, Jesus also died, but he rose again the third day.  Both Paul and John call Jesus the “King of kings and Lord of lords.”  

This Christmas season, my prayer is that you know our Prophet, Shepherd, Priest, and King in a personal way…that you have repented of your sins and embraced Jesus as Savior and Lord by grace through faith.  He accomplished the work of redemption for you, and His salvation is available to you even today.  If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, I pray that you will come to Christ today.  


Rev. Adam Mumpower, Senior Pastor