A Genuine Imitation

Exalting Christ in community and mission

A Genuine Imitation

Today we reflect a bit on Truth and Love

Is there one of the two that you hold above?


Is the first harsh, and the second just being kind?

Truth something of the past better left behind?

The world says to affirm its absolute nature we must hush.

Leave each to their own views, a relative bunch of mush.


Instead, 3rd John instructs that love through truth will shine

Hospitality in action the key, yours more important than mine.


4 characters this passage will show

These attributes we must know


First, the elder for this church indeed does care and pray

Encouragement and exhortation not afraid to say


Next, Gaius, one who embodies truth and love in unity

Walking with integrity, providing for others at every opportunity


Sadly, Diotrophes, hospitality, he will not embrace

But only for himself he desires first place


Demetrius simply thrives in doing good,

Good, as God defines, often not well understood


Closing with affection and a since desire to see

Face to Face and bless with peace this family.




Pastor Darol Timberlake