Exalting Christ in community and mission


As we wind our way into the early days of Autumn and greet the changing season we are all looking forward to some real nice “sweater weather!” There will be pumpkins on the front porch, maple leaves turning brilliant orange and scarlet, and all of the traditions and joys of the season. If we don’t actually stop to count the blessings we can miss them.

Today, the passage from Exodus 16 addresses the great gift that God gave to the Israelites in the desert: “Manna.” We will learn what that word “Manna” means and how that sweet, wafer-like bread from heaven, that appeared six days per week, came to be a mysterious sign that pointed to God’s provision. Sadly, too many then, as now, missed the blessing. They took the miracle for granted.

How many of us will go through life—no, will go through this day; this hour—and miss the mysterious miracles all around us? I pray, as your interim pastor, that God will use this service to awaken us all to His wonder-filled presence and power in our lives so that we not only pause to “smell the roses,” but (more to our text for the day) taste the Manna. For in pausing to look in wonder upon the miracle of the Manna in our lives, that is, God’s mysterious and sweet provision to us, we come to appreciate the love of God in a new way; in a way that makes life all the more joyous to live.

How I pray that this service of worship will be an experience with the living Christ for you and your family.

Yours Faithfully,

Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.