Where We'd Like You to Go with Us

One of the hallmarks of Redeemer through the years has been the way that the Lord has blessed this church with a wonderful sense of community. Hence, we seek to build upon that gift of community to reach onward and upward for one of our highest callings, the calling to make disciples. Many discipleship models focus upon 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 models. This certainly has some wonderful ideals. We seek to integrate that model into a broader model of disciples through investing in our people through various means, most of them oriented around small groups. Please go to the Discipleship tab under "Ministries" for more information.

Sunday Worship Service

We’d love for you to join us! We have a rather casual atmosphere, so just come as you are: whether you come in jeans, or dress up a bit more, you won’t be alone! Our congregation represents the many peoples, cultures, and ages of Union County. We are a diverse, multigenerational group of real people, who try to be real with one another and before our God. We are committed to preaching the Scriptures, prayer, administering the Lord's Supper and Baptism, and we have a contemporary worship style while still embracing traditional hymn melodies.

What is SSS?

SSS is the three dedications that we are asking every member to embrace at Redeemer. These three dedications help us fulfill our Vision and Mission. The first "S" is SUNDAYS: Be dedicated to Sunday School and Corporate Worship. The second "S" is SMALL GROUPS: This can include Life Groups, Discipleship Groups, Bible Study, or Youth Group. The third "S" is SERVING: Dedicate yourself to serve on a Ministry Team and be involved in Missions, whether its local, national, or global.