Working For the Man

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Working For the Man

Working for the Man

Gen 2:15, 3:15, Proverbs, 1 Cor 15:58, Eph 5:17, Col 3:23-24


 Big Idea: Because of my identity in Christ, I am equipped to perform productive work unto the Lord for the sake of others.

Intro: The story line matters for our view of work.

Why do you do the work (could be your profession, but not necessarily) you do? ______________

Biblical Story Line for Work:

Creation → Fall → OT Wisdom → Redeemed by X → Fulfilled in new heavens/earth


God’s Plan for Perfect Work (Gen 2:15)

God’s intention was for us to work and rule over His creation. Work is _____.

God’s Pronouncement for Poor Work (Gen 3:15)

Work became difficult, though it is still ______ and ________.

God’s Practical Tips for Productive Work (Proverbs 6:6-11, 21:25-26)

                Are you lazy?

      Even the sluggard is ______about something.

Is your use of _____ good?

      Are you _______ by bad things? _____ things that have

      gone _________?

Tips for Being Effective

      Work in ______of time, not just from lists.

      Have _______for the sake of others.

      Beware of multitasking, at best it is _________.


God’s Provision for Purposeful Work (1 Cor 15:58, Eph 5:17)

                WWJD → WWJWMTD (Eph 5:17)

Productivity starts with prayer and Bible study

Appling the Will of God to work decision

      Be ______ to it, even before you know what it is.

      Determine if the _____ places constraints around it

      God is often more concerned with ______ than the

      specific decision.

               If work is purposeful, then time at the _____ is good!

                Tolkien’s story, Leaf by Niggle

God’s Plenary Completion in Paradise Work (Col 3:23-24)

                Our _______ is granted without having to earn it.

      Work out of gratitude, loyalty and obedience.

Our work does not determine our ______.

Our ________ determines our work.


Write out your “resume” of work.

Include things has God enabled you to do for him in the past.

Where has he given you gifts and talents for the future?

What are you willing to do this week to joyfully serve Him?