Who is that?

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Who is that?

What do people think of you? What do you think those who know you would say if a stranger asked, “who is that?” referring to you? In a culture that is connected in so many ways via social media and the myriad of groups we are associated with, we are sure to have a reputation with acquaintances.

The text this week looks at 3 different types of reputations. The rule-keeper (Samuel), the discontent seeker (Israel), and the powerful and patient redeemer (God). We all know someone who is a rule-keeper. They are able to do the right thing so often, it seems like they never give in or mess up. These people tend to struggle with social connections because people are intimidated by them. The discontent seeker is one who never seems satisfied. They go in and out of relationships (especially with those they are closest too). These people tend to struggle with commitment and consistency because they just don’t feel like they can trust anyone completely.

Then there is the powerful and patient redeemer. There are no perfect examples of this (except the Lord). Nonetheless, we create story after story with this archetype in mind whether it is a movie script, a TV series, or a good book. Why? We are image-bearers who sense a draw to the one, perfect example in the Lord Jesus Christ. In the end, he is the greatest rule-keeper. He is the one who will give the seeker fullness of joy. He is the exact representation in the New Testament of the faithful God Samuel references in the Old Testament. We gather to worship today because of Christ’s saving grace, and our worship is for Christ’s glory!

Mr. Trent Thomas, Pastoral Intern