Sunday School at 9AM – Last class for the year.

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Sunday School at 9AM – Last class for the year.

Classes are available for Children, youth, and adults.  Click here for information on classes offered.

The adult classes being offered are:

Revelation: Bring on Round 2!  What is God going to do on earth, for heaven’s sake?!  We’ll review some of the view of the End Times and key lessons from the first classes, and then dive right into the signs of the Trumpets and Bowls.  If you missed the first session of Revelation, you can still come in and get the important pieces as we weave our way through this book that has clear impact for the church today.

Prayer: Are you completely satisfied with your prayer life?  Not many, if any, would land on saying yes to that one. This excellent series put out by the Gospel Coalition will focus on the prayers of Paul.  We’ll mix together videos, teaching and dialogue in order to seek to impact our prayer and devotional times with the Lord.

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