Sunday School – New Adult Class Offered

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Sunday School – New Adult Class Offered

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Grounded for Life: 

This class covers key topics in living the Christian life.  We’ll discuss what it means for Christ to be the center of our lives.  Then we discuss some tools and examples of how to really study and engage with the Bible.  The third lesson focuses on fellowship, one of the most enjoyable but overlooked parts of our lives.  Prayer and the lifeline it provides comes next.  Next we talk about evangelism and give some help to those who are gifted and to those who might be a little scared to step into it.  Finally, we round out with the role and mission of the church as a whole.


Classes are also offered for the following age groups:


Graded Children

Middle School

High School


Can You Help?

At Church of the Redeemer, one of our foundational “G’s” involves grounding our people in the essentials of the faith.  To that end, we embrace very seriously the importance of providing our members excellent teaching and fellowship during the Sunday School hour.  While it’s easy to think of just taking your time and cruising in to the worship service at 10:30, we encourage you to shift to the simple paradigm that “church starts at 9:00”.  That’s still later than you start most any other day, therefore providing rest on the Lord’s Day, and it allows you to engage in excellent biblical and practical teaching. 

We’re also highlighting a need that we have for the Children’s Ministry during the 9:00 hour.  We are short a few volunteers during that time.  If you would be willing to bless our children and invest in their spiritual growth, we could definitely use your service.  Please reach out to Melissa Hines ( if you can serve.  If not, we’d love to see you for the adult Sunday School and Youth classes at 9:00 to help us all be grounded in our faith!

Pastor Darol Timberlake