Sermon Series on Psalms

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Sermon Series on Psalms

Pastor Adam is currently going through a series in Psalms.  The theme is “The Psalms: Covering the Whole Spectrum of Life”.

As we read through the pages of Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, we encounter different types of literature.  For example:

  • In Genesis and Exodus, Moses wrote historical narratives and stories
  • In Proverbs and Song of Solomon, we encounter wisdom literature
  • In Isaiah and Jeremiah, we find words of prophecy – what God is doing and what he will do.
  • In the Gospels, we read of eye witness accounts of the life of Jesus.
  • In the Pauline epistles, we find personal letters to churches or specific people, like Timothy or Philemon.

But as we come to the Psalms, we will see another type of literature: Hebrew Poetry. 

There are several differences between the Historical Narratives of Moses and the Poetry of David.  For example, Historical Narratives have a lot of words and explanations.  Take the stories of Abraham and Moses for example.  But in Hebrew poetry, the phrases are short and terse while being full of meaning.

The Psalms also use different kinds of poetic devises: Acrostics, alliteration, similes, metaphors, and even personification.

We also find that many of the Old Testament Psalms are personal prayers of people and individuals calling out to the Lord, and as we’ll learn, the Psalms will take us through the full spectrum of life, from the peaks of the mountains to the depths of the valleys.  For instance, some Psalms will come from a person who is deep in the valley of despair, struggling with hardships.  But other Psalms are written by a person who is on the mountain top of joy, crying out to God in praise!

We also see that the Psalms are a hymn book – Israel sang these psalms as hymns of praise to the Lord.  From time to time, as you read through a psalm, you might find terms or symbols that you don’t know what they are.  Often times, those are musical terms or melody indicators so that the people of God could sing them to the Lord.

There are several different types of Psalms: Hymns, Laments, Psalms of Confidence in God, Thanksgiving Psalms, Psalms of Remembrance (Redemptive -Historical Psalms), Messianic Psalms, and Wisdom Psalms.

Here is a schedule of the upcoming sermons on the Psalms here at Church of the Redeemer.

Sep 30, Pastor Adam – Psalm 46

Oct 7,  Hunter Carter – Psalm 90

Oct 14, Pastor Adam -Psalm 51

Oct 21, Pastor Adam – Psalm 117

Nov 4, Pastor Adam – Psalm 130

Nov 11, Pastor Adam – Psalm 133

Nov 18, Pastor Adam – Psalm 136

Nov 25, Pastor Darol – Psalm 62

Dec 30,  Pastor Darol – Psalm 73

Jan 6, Hunter Carter – Psalm (TBD)

Jan 13, Hunter Carter – Psalm 22

Jan 20, Pastor Adam – Psalm 32