Church of the Redeemer

                                             Ministry Plan



Why Do We Exist?



Church of the Redeemer exists to glorify God and enjoy him forever.





What Do We Want to Do?


At Church of the Redeemer, we want to proclaim the Gospel by teaching people to love God, love our neighbor, and be discipled.



How Do We Want to Do It?

We live out our Mission by…

Gathering those from our Community

Grounding them in the Gospel

Growing them into Disciples

Going together to make Disciples of all Nations



What Is Important to Us?


Life on Life Connection

Missions and Outreach

Compassionate Care

Empowering Leadership




How Do We Know We Have Accomplished our Mission/Vision?

By the end of 2019, our goals are:


1.      Discipleship: Produce growing, mature followers of Jesus Christ who embrace our 3S focus areas (SSS) of Sundays, Small Groups, and Service.

2.      Life on Life Connection: Have 75% membership involvement in a small group.

3.    Missions and Outreach: For Missions – Strengthen, broaden and deepen our partnerships with the gospel missionaries and organizations we support locally, nationally and globally. This entails improving communication between our missionaries and COR as well as increasing member involvement in service opportunities.  For Outreach – Cultivating a conviction within our church to reach the lost in our community and neighborhoods, equipping a team of volunteers for the work of evangelism and discipleship, and providing ongoing opportunities for evangelism and outreach (trainings, outreach events, etc.)

4.      Compassionate Care: Elders and Deacons engaged in Shepherding and Serving while equipping the flock to extend mercy and care in our congregation, community and beyond.

5.      Empowering Leadership: Have a healthy rotation of elders and deacons who encourage and equip the laity to serve in ministries and committees.

6.      Integration: Properly taking in and integrating the new people who come to Redeemer.