“Look All 3 Ways Before the Cross”

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“Look All 3 Ways Before the Cross”

Join us this Sunday, May 10, at 10:30AM, as Pastor Darol will be preaching. Click below to access his sermon notes.

Look All 3 Ways Before the Cross

1 Thessalonians 1:4-10


1:4-5 Look BACK to the Past (Remember work of Holy Spirit)

  •         What is the point of election?

o   Affirm God’s sovereignty.

o   Source of encouragement.

o   Produce humility.

  •         How does Paul verify their election?  By fruit.

Application – Encouragement to stay the course.


1:6-8 Look ACROSS in the Present (Imitate)

  • Imitation

o   Shared in tribulation and joy

o   Point others to Christ

Application-Consider who am I imitating? Who is imitating me?


1:9-10 Look FORWARD to the Future (Long for The Goal)

             Turn from idols (isms)

             Turn to rescuer

Application – Eschatology affects ethics. How am I actively waiting?


Conclusion: Believer, one of God’s chosen, humbly cling to your identity in Christ, casting aside idolatrous “isms”, waiting faithfully for our rescuer.