Growing In Grace And Anger

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Growing In Grace And Anger

What makes you angry?

What can take you from zero to angry in 3 seconds?

Is it your work? Is it your kids? Your dear mate? Chronic health issues in your life? Is it the ongoing cultural wars that we always seem to lose? Is it politics? What makes you angry….?

Rarely in church do we talk about anger, or if we do, we are quick to say, “Don’t get angry”!  What if I was to tell you that God calls His church to get angry?  He calls us to be mad and do something about it?  God does want us to “wait on Him,” but does that mean we do not do anything?  We often times, substitute “being nice” with “being godly,” but they are two completely different things.  Nice is being pleasant, agreeable, going along, but in this fallen world, we cannot go along and agree.  We cannot be nice.

Godliness calls us to be kind for sure, in fact is listed as a fruit of the Spirit.  But, godliness, or being like God, also calls us to be disruptive.  Godliness sometimes calls us to braid whips and turn over tables.  Let us as a body of Christ reclaim the breath of righteous anger God has breathed into us!

Growing in grace and anger,

Mr. Blair Burke, Elder and Pastoral Intern


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