Confidence in God

Exalting Christ in community and mission

Confidence in God


  1. What trials did Martin Luther go through in life?
  2. Psalm 46 inspired Martin Luther to write what hymn?  


Point 1 – The Trials of Confidence (vv. 1-3)


  • What is the Psalmist’s illustration of the earth and the mountains?
  • What does Jesus say in John 16:33 about tribulation and overcoming the world?  
  • Does God allow trouble to come in the lives of Christians?  Can you list some Biblical examples?
  • Who is our Refuge and Strength?  
  • How did God help those in trouble in the Biblical examples?  
  • Because God is our Refuge and Strength, we will not _____________.  


Point 2 – The Source of Confidence (vv. 4-7)


  • The NEARNESS of God (v. 7)


Give some examples from Scripture of how God is with His people.  


  1.   The POWER of God (v. 6)

How powerful is the word and utterance of God?  

  1.   The CITY of God (vv. 4-5)

Will God’s eternal city ever be moved?  


Point 3 – The Evidence of Confidence (vv. 8-11)



  • The WORKS of the Lord (vv. 8-9)


What great works of the Lord can you recall from Biblical history?



  • The REPROOF to the Restless (v. 10)


What is the proper response to an All-Powerful God?



  1. Why don’t Christians have to live in fear?
  2. Our faith, which is based on Scripture, needs to be _______ by __________________.  
  3. As the Prince of Peace, how does Jesus loving reprove us?  


Pastor Adam Mumpower