Values (who we are)

  • Compassionate Care
    Reflects the mercy bent of our church.
  • Missional Impact
    Expresses a desire to reach the world through evangelism and mission
  • Spiritual Transformation
    Desire to see lives changed for Christ.
  • Connection in Community
    Expresses what we are doing with loving relationships and extends to the vertical with God and horizontal with one another.
  • Empowering Leadership
    Reproducing leaders and pushing decision making to teams through Directing, Coaching, Supporting and Delegating

Mission Statement (what we’re doing)

Church of the Redeemer exists to exalt Christ first by gathering those from our community, grounding them in the gospel, growing them into disciples, and going together to build the kingdom of God.

Vision (where we’re going)

By 2018, Redeemer aspires to be a Christ-centered body of approximately 500 believers, reflecting our community demographically, impacting the lost, integrating 75% of the congregation into small groups, discipling men, women and children, led with a healthy level of ordained leaders and staff, settled in a facility that will be used for kingdom work all week and preparing for a church plant.

Strategy (how we get there)

  1. Implement customizable discipleship path built on Life on Life
  2. Provide an excellent Sunday Morning gathering
  3. Resource our Land
  4. Implement a clear communication strategy across all channels
  5. Increase compassionate ministry consistent with our organizational values
  6. Increase the resources coming out of our community
  7. Consciously seeking to spread the gospel through evangelistic efforts